Appreciated breakfast seminar: Increase the business benefits ...

March 19th, 2015 held Grandezza a popular breakfast seminar entitled "Value Management - increase business and create a sustainable development strategy"

  • In both good times and bad times, it is vital that you do the right things
  • In good times, it is important to get as much value as possible out of all the resources invested
  • In bad times, it is important to save and cut back on those places where it causes the least damage from a value perspective
At the seminar, it was shown the example of how you can based on an overarching business strategy to convert this into a concrete plan with clear objectives, activities and expected results. It was also shown how to get the entire organization and its stakeholders to gain a clear picture of what to do and create a consensus on plans and priorities, and how you can create commitment and involvement of the entire organization.
With the help of Value Management and Change Management can get both good progress, commitment and achieve its strategic goals over time. Do you want to know more? Send an email to we will contact you.