Great evening when we celebrated Grandezza 20 year

Grandezza celebrated on Wednesday October 6th, 2017 that the company had been i business for 20 year. About 50 guests showed up (customers, work partners and other friends)during the evening and mingled with us and listened to various shorter seminars around different missions and we solved them..

During the evening was also our own band Grandezza Eminent Five Quartet playing. Grandezza E.F.Q. is not really a serious band, but they consistsof very skilled musicians. The ensemble consist of Tomas Andersson, Mats Eriksson, Torbjörn Hedberg andJan Lindberg. They have tried to copy the band Helmer Bryd´s E. F. Q.

It was a very pleasent party with much nice discussions and insights in change management, steering models, etc.