Gustav Rönne

In my world change management is about supporting people. How do I get people to want and dare to change themselves?

Gustav is working with improvement and change programs as a manager and as a coach. He has experience including line management and change leader from a variety of industries. As a consultant Gustav aims to give people and businesses the right tools and support to achieve persistent change.

— For me it is not only about the project oriented tasks to move from point A to B. Just putting together a project plan and follow it is not enough to make individuals change. To achieve that individual support is required. My strength is the combination of the "hard" and the "soft" issues. There are colleagues at Grandezza who might beat me in both areas. But I do have the combination.

— Instead of marketing my own values and advice, I try to get a person to arrive at a solution by applying proven change principles. I.e., the person gets help to define the next step.

— The most difficult part of my job is to manage deadlines when dealing with human change because it may involve quite a lengthy process. To have adequate time and be able to support everyone affected by a change is of course good. But at the same time keeping up the pressure is always necessary, because it makes you go from words to action.

Anders Hallqvist about Gustav:
— Gustav has a great passion for learning and development. He is a strong change manager who creates commitment, transparency and results in complex changes. As a colleague, I appreciate his optimism, accuracy and humor.