New offer: We support health care in introducing mobile ways of working

Make sure that you succeed in introducing mobile working!

Grandezza has long exeprience to support your business to develop ways of working with modern technic. When you are ready to start using mobile solutions is Grandezza a partner to trust.

Get started!

Initially Grandezza helps you to investigate what systems can and should be used in mobile working situations, how these can be integrated into mobile devices, with full security to follow legal requirements and safe handling of the integrity of sensitive information. From this we get a good foundation to find opportunities to change routines and work.

Grandezza take responsibility all the way!

It is not enough to introduce new technologies. A change must be planned and controlled to provide the desired effects. You have to prepare the organization well, so that staff feel secure in working in a new way.

What are the objectives and expected effects of introducing mobile working, and how do we know that we get the right effect? We propose and adapt our consulting activities according to your wishes and expectations based on proven approaches and methods:

  • Support for management around needed desicions – to what extent is the mobile solutions suitable for you?
  • Support in development of new ways of working with focus on get full value of your efforts
  • Project and Change Management for the implementation
  • Secure effects of your mobile solutions - how your business can put the freed time that mobile solutions can provide, for example, shortened lead times, improved quality of care, more patients, reduced overtime?
  • Monitoring Plan to secure effects in operation  and assistance in follow-up

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