Grandezza won the County Council in Västmanland framework agreemen-contract related to Strategy and Management.  We are delighted to win this framework agreement in sharp competition with a large number of reputable management consulting companies.
County Council in Västmanland (health care),  AB Västerås Lokaltrafik (public transportation) and Folktandvården Västmanland AB (public dental care) decided regarding their management procurement to adopt Grandezza tender.
County Council in Västmanland

Grandezza won County Counsil in Uppsala County management framework agreement-contract relating to 1) Strategic organizational and business development plus 2) Operating and production planning. We are delighted to win this framework agreement in sharp competion with a large number of reputable management companies. 

County Counsil in Uppsala County
Thursday morning February 6 was a seminar held about how to improve your change management and thus be more successful in achieving a lasting improvement in the organization's ability to create customer value. The seminar went through the success factors for the long-term profitability and competitiveness. It was also shown how to find their strategic challenges and how to break them down into designated areas for improvement and how to prioritize and choose the right based on business value ( customer value ) .
Improve your change management

Hur vet man att man får önskade effekter av förändringsarbetet? Hur vet man vad och hur man ska mäta effekterna av förändringarna?

Vi mäter för att få kunskap…
                  ...som vi sedan kan omsätta i beslut och åtgärder.

Hur ska man tänka? Vad ska man mäta? Hur ska man tänka för att mäta rätt? 

Measure right in your change process

As of July 15 Jennica Berglund takes over the work as a financial manager at Grandezza. Jennica replaces Eva Tenggren who will move on as financial manager at another company. We welcome Jennica warm welcome to Grandezza!

Jennica Berglund

Grandezza has teamed up with MF Corporate and Mike Florett. We do this in order to further strengthen our ability to support our customers around change management.

Mike Florett

We welcome Niklas Post to Grandezza. Niklas is leaving Bisnode where he works with business development. Niklas will work as a management consultant in change management and strategic business development. Niklas will start at Grandezza March 15, 2013.

Niklas Post

We welcome Mats Söderberg to Grandezza as a management consultant. Mats comes from Sjöland & Thyselius. Mats has a background from Rikspolisstyrelsen (The National Police Board) and Försvarsmakten (The Swedish Armed Forces).

Mats Söderberg

Due to the re-regulated pharmacy market, the Stockholm County Council procured new service providers for supply of drugs to the county's emergency hospitals, clinics and other healthcare units. The changes will affect about 15,000 employees at about 2,300 nursing units in the municipal, county and private care providers.

Medical logistics

Peter Caap has joined Grandezza. Peter has just left his job as MD at Sjöland & Thyselius Datakonsulter. Before that has Peter worked at HiQ, FFA and Saab.

Peter Caap