About 30 people had breakfast and discussed business development on the theme "Use your strengths and correct your weaknesses through assessment". The insight was that it is possible to streamline the development process by actually inserting efforts where they are most needed.

Breakfast seminar - How effective are YOU really?

Want to know how your business is compared to the best practices in the industry? Do you know that you need to improve something and want to make sure that you focus on the right things? Then, an assessment of Grandezza be the right tool for you.

Lars Gundhe

Anders Hallqvist, Grandezza, kommer att föreläsa på Sundsvall 42 under rubriken Varaktig Lean - bygga förändringsförmåga.

Sundsvall 42

Lili Forssén has got a new assignment at Cale Access. Lili supports Cale Access with change management and coaching.

Lili Forssén