Peter Öberg

According to me a real consultant does not get happy when he has finished a job. The pleasure is in the implementation.

Peter has been in charge of large IT organizations and has experience from managing business and organizational development. His expertise in both organization and technology makes Peter a consultant with a broad expertise. The experience and knowledge he built up as a line manager is something he now happily shares as a consultant.

— I like to make things happen and the movement from A to B is really the fun part. For me it's about two things. I have to think strategically about how to achieve the project objectives, and tactically how I will implement things. Knowing my work will actually make things better for many people makes it extra spicy.

— A customer may buy extra resources or expertise not found in the company. For me, it is important to represent the latter, a new knowledge. It's about confidence and if I gain confidence in my execution the customer will probably call again.

Lars Gundhe about Peter:
— I don't recommend Peter for difficult jobs only. I also recommend Peter to customers that have apparently impossible missions. Actually I have never seen him fail.