Stockholm County Council

We expect cost savings of 50 million SEK per year

Carl-Gustaf Elinder, Head/Professor Hälso- & sjukvårdsförvaltningen, Stockholm County Council

It took about a year to plan and implement the change of drug supply to health care in Stockholm County. And given the sensitive character of the operation and the difficulties that other counties had experienced in similar processes, security was particularly important.

The key to manage the change in a safe way was to make a gradual shift and constantly learn from the process, says steering committee chairman Carl-Gustaf Elinder at Hälso & sjukvårdsförvaltningen. Grandezza was responsible for program management of the development and change projects conducted locally and in the county council's common project. The extensive work with process changes, training and practice were made by employees at the county's health care providers with a common implementation support.

- Drug supply had a good quality before too. But when we had to change it due to a deregulation, I'm glad we took the opportunity to improve it as well. We have strengthened our hospital pharmacy function and established an own platform for e-commerce. In addition, we expect to reduce costs so that about 50 million SEK per year are released to better purpose in healthcare, says Carl-Gustaf Elinder!

Stockholm County Council, together with municipalities and private healthcare providers care for about 2.5 million inhabitants. Drugs are given to patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other care facilities. The changes have affected approximately 12,000 employees at 2,300 care units, four new service providers and a number of internal functions in the county. The volume is more than one million order lines for goods at a value of 1.3 billion per year that must arrive on time to the patient.