Grandezza and Citybanan in Stockholm

The project 'Citybanan', is a railroad project in Stockholm with a 6 km commuter train tunnel with two commuter train stations under the existing subway stations - a multi-billion project that opened and opened for traffic in the summer of 2017.

Grandezza has had several consultants involved in the project, both at the Swedish Transport Agency as planned and built the facility and at the Traffic Administration within the County Council, which received the completed stations and is responsible for the operator who operates the Citybanan.

The assignments have been in the field of fire and safety as project manager in projects Citybanan and at the receiving organization, Traffic Administration. As a project manager in the field of personal safety, it is important to have frequent contacts with the contractors for the various parts of the plant and to constantly agree that the functional requirements of the plant have been included in construction documents and then tested and approved in the completed facility.

Grandezza's consultants Anders Silver and Lars Hedberg have been responsible for more than 1,300 requirements and it has been a hard job to ensure that all of these have been accepted and incorporated in all parts of the project. Anders and Karina Bergh continued to the Traffic Administration and their reception organization while Lars continued as project leader over the start of operations.

The assignments have also meant to be speakers at conferences and provide a series of newspaper and TV interviews and to arrange full-scale exercises in the facility with all blue eyes authorities.