Grandezza has customers both in private and public sectors. Most of our customers are located in Stockholm, Sweden, but assignments are carried out on many different locations - both domestic and abroad.

Managing change projects requires both proximity and presence and we follow our clients wherever they go.

It took about a year to plan and implement the change of drug supply to health care in Stockholm County.

Stockholm County Council

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) required for operations planning (VP-work) in autumn 2012 to take further steps in the management of its development.

Swedish Transport Administration

With help from Grandezza could the Healthcare IT group take a secure and informed decision about the acquisition they faced. Due diligence with unique breadth showed which factors were business-critical in the current situation, and five years into the future.

International IT health care

Project Stockholm City Line is one of Northern Europe's largest construction project.

Stockholm City Line

A strategic development plan with a new mission, goals and priorities became the springboard into a new era for the company Projektgaranti.


Swedish care providers are now deploying a National Patient Summary, NPÖ. Grandezza plays an important role in the venture.

National Patient Summary, NPÖ

The Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) has, with some help from Grandezza, created a foundation for good communication in the business.

Swedish Maritime Administration

LFV (Air Navigation Services of Sweden) is now better prepared to handle changes. This is thanks to a comprehensive program in which all 120 managers working to improve their ability to manage and communicate change.

LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden