Lars Gundhe

Nothing is impossible!

Lars is an experienced management consultant with focus on management, program and project management, Value Management and audits. He prefers to work with complex issues in large organizations. Lars likes to work in international assignments where other cultures and ways of doing things give a spicy flavor to the mission.

— I'm always curious about a new assignment where I quickly must familiarize myself with the customer's business and liaise with the various stakeholders and employees involved. After almost thirty years as a consultant, I still find that there are lots of challenges in every new mission.

— I like challenges both at work and at home. To have a large and complex task is always exciting, and to analyze how to best solve the problem is like getting a big and difficult puzzle for Christmas.

Tomas Andersson about Lars:
— Complex issues require a lot of energy to achieve a good result. Lars has an energy that seems to be sufficient for anything.