Tomas Andersson

The challenge is to achieve the change that provides adequate benefits, rather than failing with something you thought might give even more.

Tomas is a highly experienced management consultant and project manager with a focus on Change and Value Management. Tomas has extensive experience in most industries and expertise in business and IT development in health care. He is also frequently engaged as a speaker.

— In my work as a consultant, I often have the privilege to follow and hopefully facilitate the process that people, both as individuals and as a group, need to go through to develop their business. After all it is not possible to improve something without changing anything.

— Although the subject of change varies and the size of the initiatives too, the key issues remain the same. If we all manage to see both what needs to be done and how it's done, virtually everything is possible to achieve.

Lili Forssén about Tomas:
— He is one of the reasons I joined Grandezza. He is very professional and knows what he wants. He is good at seeing what I'm good at and other people’s qualifications.