Marika Brine

I am thrilled when I can help companies introduce changes and new requirements and thereby secure the organization's goal fulfillment!
Marika has her background in the finance world where she worked in most segments with processes and
improvement work and through many years of work gained a great understanding and deep knowledge of 
how organizations succeed in their improvement work and process developments. The underlying success 
factors have been her ability to listen, dare to drive, organize and understand how employees react to
information and change. Marika has a strong drive to create and help employees get the best out 
of themselves, whether through good communication, self-insight, a new process or strategy. Marika has 
run many successful projects and has provided support and training to both managers and employees. 
The biggest challenge is often to provide insight into the importance of change and the need for increased 
efficiency and collaboration to achieve profitability.

Marika's background as process developer, coach and LEAN / Six Sigma consultant make her especially 
suited to help companies about change management and efficiency work, thereby securing the 
organization's commitment and interest to contribute with its best.