Ability to implement change

Ability to implement change

Research shows that as much as 75% of the companies that really work with certain known success factors have a strong economic development. Yet only 5% of all companies do that!

Grandezza offers the opportunity to raise awareness of how people and organizations are influenced of change and how to successfully implement change. We can be a partner in change management and provide access to vast experience and results from forefront of research in change management.

Grandezza also offers help in organizing change activities within portfolio management. This will create control structures for projects and programs that provide efficient implementations.

Examples of services:

  • Analyze and develop cooperation in a team.
  • Develop skills in managing change for leaders that give them opportunities for the future.
  • Defining a starting point by using the Organization Survey.
  • Evaluate the likelihood of projects and change initiatives to succeed.
  • Formalising project and program management.