Competence to manage change

Competence to manage change

Grandezza offers senior consultants with broad and extensive experience from both consulting roles and from different line manager positions. This means that our customers get support from people who have been involved before in change management.

Change Management means to create conditions for individuals, groups and organizations to work their way to a desired future state. Change Management is now an integral necessity in virtually all businesses. Demand for change managers and operational providers have boomed in the past year while demand for administrative leaders almost completely disappeared.

Value Management is an internationally established method and a European standard which contains analyzing, managing and developing value for the organization's stakeholders. It is used for business development in most industries.

With Enterprise Project Management is meant to link corporate strategy with a way to manage projects, programs and project portfolios. By implementing a holistic view of the company's major projects and programs it is possible to get the most from the resources spent.

The consultants have backgrounds from different industries and specialist areas. However, we have three common pillars of excellence: Change Management, Value Management and Enterprise Project Management. These areas of expertise we regard as so important that we spend time developing them together.