Anders Silver

Who is the beneficiary of the I communicate or deliver? What basis is the recipient? How can I hand over something to fit as good as possible? Trying to see things from the recipient's perspective is not easy but very important for the end result to be good and durable.

Anders is a management consultant and project manager with experience of working both nationally and internationally. In his various roles, he has many times been fascinated by how different we humans can think and how crucial it is to clearly agree on the mission content and boundaries, what to do, but also what needs to be deselected. A well defined, communicated and understood vision as well as a direct and open dialogue about the parties' expectations and requirements is crucial for the work to be performed efficiently and with the right content.

— In my assignment, I have on many occasions made ​​decisions based on requirements and expectations that stood in conflict with each other. Then it becomes important to consider the reasonableness of the decision and to always have the receiver or the end user in mind. Delivery must be the best possible basis of all of the different perspectives that must be given effect.

Jan Lindberg about Anders:
— If you work with Anders you don't have to worry, he always delivers what he has promised!