Jan Lindberg

It isn't all about smart solutions. People must also be able to understand and accept them.

Jan has long experience working in the fields of Change Management and Business Development. He likes to combine Project Management with Change Management as a way to find creative solutions in different business areas.

— I started my career as a systems expert. After a while I found out that how good the systems were they didn't do any good at all if the people involved didn't understand them. That’s why I started to work with Change Programs.

— My passion is to involve people in the process so that decisions are not taken over someone's head. My work is exciting because it always means new opportunities and I often get the privilege to be involved from concept to results.

Karin Hägglund about Jan:
— When you work with Jan you work with a person who has an incredible amount of knowledge, skill and humor and is humble. He also makes me as a colleague better by acknowledging and supporting my skills.