Karin Hägglund

By far the most satisfying is when the customer is satisfied and the result turns out to be good in the end.

Karin works with project management and test management. She has extensive experience in IT and has worked a lot with quality assurance and test projects. Her technical expertise combined with her experience as a consultant makes her a valuable in a change management initative.

— I want to be present as a project manager and help to create energy and that the project is having progress. I am not the project manager who pops in once a week and asks how things are going, but I want to be democratic and adaptable.

— I see myself more of a test strategist rather than a traditional test manager. I always bring in aspects of quality in all phases of a change, at the procurement phase all the way to the final quality assurance.

— I think one of the success factors for a successful change process is to get all involved stakeholders to really understand each other. My strength usually is to bridge the gap that sometimes occurs between IT and the business side.

Jan Lindberg about Karin:
— Karin's energy and natural curiosity makes her quickly get into essentials and make people embark on the change process. With humor and persistence she contributes strongly to keeping up the steam. To have Karin as a colleague contributes to continuous learning.