Niklas Franzel

As a consultant, it is really nice to feel that I constantly evolve and get a broader view of the world.

Niklas is a management consultant and project manager and has extensive experience in IT development and strategic work. He has previously worked in senior positions as a line manager and knows the importance of getting people to work in the right direction. As a consultant, Niklas presents a wide range and can support senior management and projects as well as manage staff.

— The step between acting as a line manager and consultant is not really very big. The difference is however, that as a consultant I more often have to establish myself with new people and be more specific about the issues. The diversity of people and variety of environments makes my job really exciting. Getting to meet new people and new businesses is like discovering new worlds.

— Organizations may have very different cultures and to succeed in changing something, it is important to have good combination of theoretical models and practical tools. The challenge is to quickly identify customer needs. It is important to understand the whole landscape and put it in a context to achieve results.

Tomas Andersson about Niklas:
— Niklas really unites a judge of character with an engineer. He has an ability to see what is important to different people and put it together in a structure that makes sense to all. When working with Niklas you are never worried; work is constantly progressing and the result is good.