Örjan Lövström

Having worked as a consultant for quite a while I am triggered by rapidly looking into new industries and clients and get development going.

Örjan has extensive experience working in business development and IT, and project management. The opportunity to work with Value Management made Örjan join Grandezza. This in addition to his broad experience in business development makes Örjan to a very skilled and experienced consultant.

— What I like as a consultant is that you get to do things yourself. It may be a mission that is really difficult and you have to find a solution. And I work better under pressure. One advantage as a consultant may actually be that people do not know you and have preconceived notions. That makes it possible to build trust. When it comes to achieving change you have to have people in the back.

— Although I work with various businesses the problem areas often are quite similar and that is where my experience comes in handy. I can be a catalyst to find a solution. My approach is always not to steer that much myself, but to let the customer grow.

Lars Gundhe about Örjan:
— Örjan is a highly experienced consultant who always boxes with creative solutions and ideas. Always positive and really trying to solve tasks in the best way wich he combines with high social competence.