Tomas Centerlind

I enjoy working in projects and I think I contribute more as a consultant than as an operational manager.

Tomas is a management consultant specialized in change management and project and program management. He is experienced in a variety of industries and he makes people work in the same direction so that customers achieve their goals.

— Being a consultant it is really rewarding to work closely with the customer's business and contribute to specific initiatives. Often a gap may evolve between what’s intended and what’s executed. My role as a change leader includes anchoring things so that everyone involved understands and knows their expected contribution. And I have the flexibility and experience required to get the changes to roll and be realized.

— I think it's great fun to work in projects where I can fully focus on my job. Being a consultant is not difficult, but to always be adaptive is really a challenge.

Jan Lindberg about Tomas:
— Tomas is an extremely organized consultant, a master in mastering chaos. I can always rely on his structured approach.